Mondrean NFT Modern Art

Bringing back neo-plasticism to modern art. Modern NFT only has a set of 151 hand crafted designs as the maximum limit. We are a strong community that will protect your NFT's value as an early @MondreanNft member by using 100% of all commissions to buy floor price Mondrean art to stabilize prices. 

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Bringing back neo-plasticism to modern art

Our Modrean NFT drops are 100% re-created by hand. Meaning that there is no computer generation of any our digital assets. Our NFTs are unique and original. We value quality over quantity.



1. Commissions :

100% of all commissions will be used to buy/release more Mondrean NFTs

To establish higher prices and promote HODLing.

2. Mondrean NFT prices:

.01 ETH Mondrean Nfts #1-25
.02 ETH Mondrean Nfts #26-50
.03 ETH Mondrean Nfts#51-75
.04 ETH Mondrean Nfts #75-100

151 Maximum collection.

Increasing price of the Mondrean NFTs will incentivize getting in early and HODLing.

3. Drop dates

Random drops on OpenSea. First Drop on September 1st 3pm PST.

Avoid gas wars. No one wants to spend 5x for an NFT on gas as the transaction gets clogged.

Our Mondrean NFTs

The rarest Modrean NFTs ever. wIth only 8 NFTs create by our senior manager designer.

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